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air conditioning installation in west palm beachQuality Air Conditioning Installation in West Palm Beach, Florida

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So, you need to find yourself an air conditioning expert?

You just bought a new house or remodeled your old one and are in the market for a state-of-the-art air conditioner to help battle the hot and humid Florida climate. You own a business and want to make sure the A/C system is up to par. Your current air conditioner seems to be on the fritz and isn’t putting out adequately cool air. Contact the best air conditioning company in South Florida, Alliance Air Comfort.

We admit we may be a bit biased when we make that claim, however, we do take pride in the services that we provide to the West Palm Beach, Florida area. The quality of work we do directly impacts whether someone can stay cool and comfortable as the temperature outside rises, or whether they are suffocating in the heat and drowning in sweat. Sometimes, for some people, adequate air conditioning is a life or death situation. If we do our job right, then we are directly responsible for that person’s health and well-being.

At Alliance Air Comfort, we make it easy to install your new air conditioning unit. Whether it is a smaller 4 kW air conditioning unit for smaller spaces or a larger air conditioning unit up to 9 kW, whether it is a single-story or double-story installation, or an air conditioning installation system to meet the needs of a bustling business, we help you decide on the right product for your need and then we install it for you.

Quality installation of any air conditioning unit is very important. Studies show that most air conditioning units in houses within the United States never perform to their advertised capacity and efficiency because of incorrect installation. To avoid that, Alliance Air Comfort makes sure that our staff and technicians are appropriately trained and certified, and keep up with the latest air conditioning technologies. We have a great deal of experience as we’ve been serving the Palm Beach County area for nearly 40 years. This training and practical experience means that we provide superior quality and above standard air conditioning installations and repair. With Alliance Air Comfort’s proper and quality air conditioning installation, you can enjoy a more consistent temperature control, a more efficient and cost-saving unit, and significantly improved indoor air quality.

With a new, correctly installed A/C unit, you may lower your energy bills, increase your comfort in your home, and extend the useful life of your cooling equipment. Let our team at Alliance Air Comfort Inc. keep your home cool on the hottest days

Employ Alliance Air Comfort to work on your air conditioner installation, and avoid common installation problems that reduce the efficiency of your home or business. New energy-efficient units may reduce your cooling costs by as much as 20-30%. We will ensure that your air conditioning unit is correctly sized to meet your home needs, operating with sufficient airflow in the system and installed with the proper amount of refrigerant. Whether we install a new system or replacing an existing system, installing it properly is essential to get its best performance lasting years.

For more information about air conditioning installation in Palm Beach County and/or its surrounding areas, you can visit our website at If you would like to ask any questions about any other aspects, feel free to leave us a message. You can also give us a call at (561) 288 – 2500 or email us at [email protected] for more inquiries. We look forward to working with you!


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Air Conditioning West Palm Beach, Florida

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