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Home air conditioning installation and repair are something you need to carefully consider. The goal should always be towards a quality product, competent technicians and excellent customer service from your contractor.

It is not an option to do it yourself. Many homeowners may be tempted to perform these tasks, but the much safer bet is to hire an experienced, certified air conditioning contractor. Why?


Safety is always a top priority. A well-trained and experienced technician can best diagnose and repair your HVAC problems. The internet may present some basic solutions, but not having a thorough understanding of how the air conditioning system functions can result in an expensive exacerbation of the problems—instead of resolving them.

Large voltages and freon leaks, for example, can be harmful to those who try to repair them themselves. Additionally, touching the wrong parts of the motor can cause a severe shock or even death, while freon leaks can also lead asphyxiation in pets or children.

A certified technician will hold the necessary industry certifications, and understand the current regulations such as the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and other more advanced regulations, like the Home Energy Rating system (HERS), or the rater certification from the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).


Did you know that the warranty in most brands of air conditioning units is valid only if a licensed technician undertakes the maintenance and repairs?  It pays to review your warranty coverage, and read the terms and conditions. Another good tip is to start saving your unit’s maintenance record as proof for the validity of the warranty, especially in cases when air conditioning repairs require replacement of specific parts.


When it comes to seeking the best advice, you should be confident by getting information from a licensed NATE certified professional, who have been trained by the experts and who are covered by liability insurance.

Another thing to note is that an expert’s experience and knowledge cannot be learned from a book. With the use of a licensed professional, you get the added benefit of their problem-solving ideas, hands-on experience, and trade secrets to help with your troubleshooting.

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