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Air Conditioner Tips

You can do a great deal to reduce your carbon footprint. Saving the environment is more than just recycling; it means you have to look at all the ways you can help consume less energy.

The good news is that there is a greener way to cool off, save money and significantly curb your carbon footprint. If all people chose to make their home more environmentally friendly, it could actually create an impressive impact that would be equal to taking three-quarters of the cars off the road—just by technically reducing five percent (5%) of your carbon emissions. Here’s how…

1.Get the right size AC. It’s always wise to consider the size of your room or house versus the size of your air conditioning unit. Make sure your contractor uses the “Manual J” heat loss analysis from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). “Otherwise,” advises Sid Davis, author of Your Eco-Friendly Home: Buying, Building, or Remodeling Green, “shop elsewhere.”

2.Find a competent HVAC contractor. Finding a good, reliable HVAC provider is also crucial. Davis writes that homeowners should ask for proof, like certificates or other credentials. Ask if the work covers sealing the ducts or testing them for leaks, and ask for verified references.

3.Check for AC and window safety and efficiency. Apart from AC size, you also need an Energy Star-rated, eco-friendly unit. High performance, low energy, argon-filled windows will reduce the cooling load by more than half.

4.Install heat barriers. According to experts, insulators like radiant heat barriers can reduce radiant heat transfer in the attic by as much as 95 percent (95%). Dense insulation, such as foam or blown cellulose, will also help.

5.Install programmable thermostats. You can significantly reduce you home cooling cost by installing programmable thermostats. Plus, you won’t have to continually remember to turn your AC up and down.

6.Keep you filters clean. Schedule a regular cleaning for your filters, and only buy filters with a MERV 8 rating. This will prevent dust particles and mold spores from getting into your air conditioning system. Also, have your unit serviced at least one a year; manufacturers and power companies suggest at least twice a year if you keep them running throughout the year.

Going green does not necessarily have to mean spending more money. Visit Alliance Air Comfort’s blog or call (561) 288-2500 for professional ideas and tips to save more money on your air conditioning the eco-friendly way!



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